About RampRate Sourcing Advisors

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RampRate is a next generation sourcing advisor. As the only full cycle IT budget specialist, RampRate is devoted to easing the headaches and pain IT and financial executives face when they have to find sources of cost-effective, high-quality IT services, and to choose the balance of in-house or outside companies. RampRate helps executives navigate the IT sourcing landscape with a streamlined, data-driven approach that ensures clients get the right services for their needs, at the best possible price and in record time. RampRate helps companies make great decisions fast.

RampRate’s industry leading Service Provider Intelligence Index (SPY Index™) increases the speed and quality of outsourcing decisions, while also cutting the costs of the resulting service contracts. Our three-tiered service model can handle all aspects of a client’s IT outsourcing decision process, including IT outsourcing procurement and lifecycle management, IT sourcing reviews of your current or future sourcing relationships, and strategic research for planning how best to take advantage of today’s changing marketplace.

Based in Santa Monica with offices in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Boston, Atlanta and New Delhi, RampRate services many of the most important firms in their respective industries, including, CBS/Viacom, Trend Micro, Microsoft, Primedia, Sony and Yahoo. Click here to see our featured clients.

Part advisor, part analyst, part index, RampRate saves its clients more than 50% in time for a typical IT procurement process.

–> View More Articles Like This On RampRate’s New Blog